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Unsurprisingly, standard soft drinks are fizzling out of the market as new batches of craft soda begin to take over. Soda drinkers are looking to pair their meal with healthier beverage substitutes when they go out to eat or hit the nearest festival. But how did craft soda pick up so much popularity within a short time span? Let’s take a look at the craze around craft soda and how it differs from standard soft drinks.


Bigh farm, our basil supplier from Anderlecht

Not only is the soda industry changing, but people are looking for soft drinks with more character to them. Ingredients are a large factor when it comes to purchasing soda today. More consumers are aware of the bundle of unhealthy traditional ingredients. Addictive components like caffeine are still present in standard soda, while phosphoric acid eats away people’s teeth. Diet soft drinks are mixed with chemicals in order to achieve a sharp flavour without sugar.

We’re seeing a shift towards craft soda because drinkers realize dozens of ingredients aren’t required to make a great tasting beverage. Craft soda producers freely experiment with natural ingredients to deliver high-quality taste. No syrups, no chemicals, and no artificial ingredients are needed.


Craft sodas are bursting with exciting new flavours across the board. The best part is that craft soda uses less sugar than traditional soda. Even with less sugar, craft soda is still packed with taste because of its natural background. Real cane sugar, squeezed fruits, and spices are used instead of artificial flavouring.

Soda doesn’t have to be loaded with unhealthy ingredients in order to taste good. Our Basil soda for example, only consists of squeezed lemons, crushed basil, cane sugar (to balance out the taste), and sparkling water.

Even though craft sodas are packed with fewer ingredients, the taste combinations are staggering.

Production Process

The sense of nostalgia you get from drinking craft soda reminds us of an era when there was no such thing as artificial flavouring. Soda used to be produced in tiny batches rather than the mass production we live through today with standard soda. Rather than corporate companies pumping regular soda into every shelf imaginable, craft soda is more personable. Small businesses like restaurants are even crafting their own unique soft drinks!

Bottles getting ready to take a warm bath

Much like how craft beer opened doors for all kinds of new breweries around, craft soda is following suit. Both regular people and businesses are eager to craft their own recipe. This is why craft soda has such a flavorful advantage. Craft soda producers are tapping into the unlimited flavor combinations available. Every place that makes craft soda is going to taste different. New batches means new flavours! It’s more exciting than traditional soda corporations pumping out the same products over and over again.

The Endless Potential of Craft Soda

The growing market of craft soda isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. More consumers are looking for a refreshing drink made with care. Natural ingredients boost the taste of craft soda compared to the chemicals and syrups in standard soda. Craft soda prioritizes high quality while standard soda focuses on making cheap sales.

Even though standard soda has been around for ages, craft soda is something different. If you’re looking to taste the real difference feel free to check out some of our own craft sodas, where we believe in being local, proud, and independent!

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